Dead Already
I don't feel like a boy or a girl at all. I like "they" pronouns best but i feel like a pain asking people to use them so i usually just go by my biological gender. Most days it just kinda stings but other days (like today for example) it makes me so uncomfortable i want to cry. I go to a public high school and i wouldn't feel safe or comfortable asking people to accommodate me but thinking about it is just a really painful reminder of the fact that no one recognizes my identity



You know what? I like “they” pronouns, too.

And in my case, it actually has nothing to do with identity. It just so happens that modern English has a few holes in it. One of which is filled by use of the singular “they”.

(Another hole that could stand to be plugged is dealing with that really cumbersome “all of you” nonsense that English professors seem to think is somehow superior to a neologism which means the same thing but is comprised of only one syllable and is understood by nearly all western English speakers. But let’s not dive headlong into that particular rabbit hole today.)

Not only is it handy for when you don’t know the gender of whoever you’re talking about, but it’s perfect for all your non-binary needs as well.

They, as a pronoun, has literally zero gender implications and can be used to talk about anyone and the ONLY thing it means is that they are a person.

See what I did there?

I think that keeping this in mind and making grammar the subject of discussion can keep some interactions from getting too dramatic.

I get that you’re not sure how people will react, but you’re not asking for anything even remotely unreasonable. It’s damn near the epitome of polite requests and it’s important to you.

You don’t deserve to be treated in a way that makes you feel bad.

Acknowledging a person’s identity is basic fucking courtesy. Anyone who has a problem with something so fundamental is likely to be pretty shitty overall.

I understand that it can be hard to speak up about this, but it’s possible that you don’t need to worry all that much.

Maybe getting every teacher to address you in a way you feel comfortable with is more than you’re going to get, but at the very least talk to the people you hang with. not just friends (who I am going to assume are completely cool with however you want to identify, becasue they fucking better be) but anyone you know well enough to have a conversation with.

I can’t really say how this particular situation will play out, but I can tell you that things will get better. I don’t know how long it will be, but if you take heart, there will be hope for the future.

People are fighting for that future, and maybe one day you will be one of those people. You don’t have to, but I’ve got a feeling that you’ve got what it takes.



6” MLP Mythological Rarity Auction 

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started from the bottom n we’re still here drawing viceroy in weird styles 


started from the bottom n we’re still here drawing viceroy in weird styles 


The best costume spotted at Disneyland’s 10k race today. [adamlc6]


The best costume spotted at Disneyland’s 10k race today. [adamlc6]






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look at this

I don’t even know where to begin.







video for my spanish 1 class. the directions were “film a conversation between you and a family member using the basic greetings we have learned so far this year” so naturally i made this

tumblr deleted this off my blog omfg

The doctor will never be a woman. There are plenty of women in the show that are admirable role models. I think you're just full ofsh it. Stop pushing your american views onto Doctor Who, a BRITISH show, with BRITISH values. It's unbelievable how obnoxious and hypocritical feminists are, especially you third-wave feminists. Always spouting "equal rights" but, "Can't hit me, cause I'm a girl!" You probably won't respond to this because you know I'm right and the whovianfeminism stance is weak.



This was so beautiful that I had to put it up on my wall and examine it as if it were an exquisite piece of art. 


"Manpain" by Anonymous

Above we have a quintessential example of early 21st Century prose by an aggrieved man. The author of this piece is unknown, but we can surmise by his inability to properly say “shit” to a woman and his assurance that he likes “admirable” female characters that he is most likely a “Nice Guy.”

The anonymous author employs deliberate obtuseness in order to provoke a reaction from his audience. Notice how he pretends no British individual supports the idea of a woman portraying the Doctor, despite clear evidence to the contrary, even amongst actors who have portrayed the titular character on the show. Then there is the stunning self-centeredness regarding his perception of third wave feminism; he is only interested in equality it grants him the “right” to hit the women whose arguments make him so incoherently angry that he is unable to rationally reply.

His final challenge attempts to trap the reader. Do we respond and grant him the audience and validation he so desperately seeks, or do we ignore him and let him believe he has won? But perhaps we have a third option: to turn the focus back on him and examine how his comments display his deep insecurity in his own sense of masculinity, something he feels can only be reclaimed by challenging a girl on the internet to a fight and preemptively declaring victory because he fears he cannot engage with her on an intellectual level.

a work of goddamn art oh my god